It’s magazine day! Inside Out August 2014

I love sitting down to read Inside Out. It is beyond awesome that the mag is now a monthly. We get to enjoy more home/interior/decorating goodness! Yay!

One thing you can always be assured of is the brilliant styling that goes into each feature/tte (I’ve chosen a few of my favourites below). I find that I can read Inside Out two or three times and still find new and interesting things that I might of missed on previous flicks through.

Are you a fan too?


I’ve never really understood the whole animal-head-on-a-wall thing. To me, it’s a little creepy. I’m thinking Wolfram Kampffmeyer from Paperwolf agrees.

Wolfram studied computer animation at Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg in Ludwigsburg, Germany and was a pro at creating virtual 3D models. He decided to take things one step further and Paperwolf was born. I think they look a billion times better than the real thing.

So say no to sad little animal heads. Say yes to Paperwolf!

a – Lion
b – Stag
c – Unicorn
d – Bear

Peter Strain

I really, really like the grungy imagery Peter Strain creates. His illustrations depicting cult movies characters are pretty cool. I love the Uma Thurman one in particular. Thanks Peter, now I’ve got the urge to watch Pulp Fiction for the first time in forever!

a. b. c. d. e. f

Carlos Meira – Paper Sculpture

Carlos Meira was born in Rio de Janeiro and studied at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where he attended the Arts Course. He has been working with paper since the 1990′s and has since organised several exhibitions, illustrated seven books and worked on Brazilian and international advertising campaigns.

I think you’ll agree that Carlos is an incredibly talented paper artist.

11 gorgeous wedding invitations

How I do love looking at wedding invitations! It’s been a while since I’ve shared some of my favourites.

This round-up has a real international feel with designers hailing from far flung places around the globe like Vietnam, India, Romania and even Indonesia. It’s nice to know that the language of love is celebrated so beautifully all over this big, beautiful planet.

1. A Drim Design // 2. Natalie Diaz // 3. Wedding Paper Divas // 4. Green Wedding Shoes // 5. Raxenne Maniquiz // 6. // 7. Cempaka Surakusumah // 8. Dung Tran
// 9. Anthony Gregg // 10. Maheswari Janarthanan // 11. Greg Coulton //

Moon Garden Art

We are in the depths of winter down here. While we may not have snow, we do have some very chilly mornings. I think we should celebrate winter… of course I’m saying that from the comfort of my heated office, wearing three layers and a pair of Ugg’s.

I think this gorgeous circular prints from Moon Garden Art celebrate art. What do you think?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.

Words to live by

These prints from Oh My Deer caught my eye today. I’m a sucker for a beautiful, hand lettered poster. If you’ve seen pictures of my office on Instagram (@krissyb) you’ll know what I’m talking about. Nothing looks better than a beautiful, flowing script proclaiming some catchy wisdom about getting up, dusting yourself and giving things another go (check out my Words That Inspire board to see what I am talking about).

I think I have *just* enough space on my wall for these three.


I’ve got some very pretty notebooks to share with you on this very wintery Monday afternoon. They come all the way from Portugal and were created by Raquel and João from Arminho. Very pretty, don’t you think?

Sweet indigo – Mid Century Child

I’m totally digging this indigo vibe from Mid Century Child. I’ve been noticing this beautiful deep blue colour in all sorts of places. I like it because it reminds me of the post dusk sky as it slips further into the night.

1. Shibori Moon.
2. Conversation.
3. Polar bear.
4. Shibori Earth.
5. Dot Dash.
6. Go Go.

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