TYPO I need you

My office is irritating me at the moment. I think it’s because I desperately need more storage. It could also be the fact that the cats have taken over the prize real estate that is my dear Nanna’s writing desk. I’m now fighting a 14 year old cat and 12 week old kitten for the privileged of its use. Darn cats.

We’re heading into the cooler months and I need something to give my space some life. That’s where TYPO comes in.

*1* Woodland calendar *2* Shadow box frame *3* Baroque whiteboard *4* Gnome pen holder *5* Gem hour glass *6* Test tube kit *7* Glass head money box *8* Wooden crate

Porter magazine – Issue #1

I bought the very first issue of Porter about six weeks ago and have been meaning to blog about it ever since. You all know what a magazine addict I am. I buy everything from the obscure to the mundane. I’d heard about Porter a few days before its release down here in Australia and was really interested to see where the new glossy would fit within the market.

I pretty much devoured the whole issue in an hour. You can see how well read this mag is by that deep fold in the cover (see below).

Porter is a fashion mag. Being the child of Net-a-Porter, it couldn’t be anything else really. The features have been beautifully styled (especially the cover, shot by Dutch masters Inez van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin of Gisele). There is a smattering of cultural commentary which is good to see. The only gripe I have, and it is a small one, is the font chosen for some of the single and double page fashion features. It looks like a grungy Courier and personally, I give it a big thumbs down because it is overpowering and ugly. When a font sticks out like that it ruins the flow of the piece. It tripped me up and stopped me from reading past the headline a couple of times. That’s not a good thing. Of course the mag is new and there might be some changes in terms of design in the second issue which is due out in a few weeks. If it were me I’d try and stick pretty close to the style elements used in The Edit. They work beautifully.

My opinion: if you like fashion mags you will love Porter. It’s a beautiful magazine and definitely worth forking out $12.95 for it.

Hello autumn!

It’s officially autumn down under! Even though we have a few hot days here and there, the temperatures are starting to cool down. It’s getting darker earlier and getting light later and before you know it – at the blink of an eye – we’ll be cranking up the heater and adding an extra doona to the bed.

Autumn really is a magical season.

1. Colour change brolly – Smiggle.
2. Rifle Paper Co Galaxy S4 Inlay Case – Jardin – NoteMaker.
3. Moleskine Journal – Cover Art by Paul Desmond – Nation State.
4. Aland shoulder bag tan :Uto – kikki.K.
5. Mr Lazy mug – Nation State.
6. Apple adhesive notes – kikki.K
7. Rhodia – Rhodiarama Notebook – Nation State.
8. Eggling – Crack and Grow Egg – Petunia – Nation State.
9. Rob Ryan Ceramic Egg Cups – Set of Three – Nation State.
10. Yellow Owl Workshop Rubber Stamp Set of 5 – Farm – NoteMaker.

Be an organised blogger with my printables!


Ages ago I mentioned that I had begun using an A5 folder to keep track of all my blogging stuff. It keeps me so much more organised and helps me to channel all of my thoughts into one space. I’ve got editorial calendar printouts, sharing schedules and even a humble to-do list.

I thought that these might help to organise some of you guys so I’ve listed them on Etsy. Download them and give them a try. I’d love to know what you think.

**Please note: the printables are A5 size and are set to print on an A5 piece of paper. An A4 version is coming soon.**