Book review – Lost & Found by Brooke Davis

Ruby is despondent after finishing the book

I’m going to start this post by telling you that you really must read Lost & Found by Brooke Davis. You must. It is a profoundly beautiful book and you should get your hands on a copy and read it post-haste. Don’t wait. Buy it.

It took me a little longer to read this book because, well, I found some of it a little emotional. Davis created characters that got under my skin. They are all, in some way, broken and when I read broken characters their innocence/naivety/resignation/soul crushing grief seems to stay with me for a long time. It’s almost like a well written book can cause a transference of emotions – Freaky Friday-style. I feel emotionally sodden afterwards. Spent. Exhausted. Good fictional characters make you feel these things.

I took a highlighter to this book so many times. I just didn’t want to forget the importance and beauty of some of this writing. Here are two of my favourites bits.

She sat on the bed and cupped her knees with her hands. How do you get old without letting sadness become everything? Her mother had been young once, with her easy limbs and pretty fingers, but then she had saddened, and shrunk.


Maybe when you let out your last breath, you let out everything, your memories and thoughts and things you wished you’d said and things you wished you didn’t say and the pictures in your head of hot coffee steam and the last look on your dad’s face and the feeling of mud between your fingers and the wind when you run down a hill and the colour of everything, ever.

Thank you Brooke Davis for giving the world this book. It is such an amazing gift.

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Thanks to Hachette Australia Books for my copy.

Cathy McMurray

Stunning, stunning, stunning work from my new favourite artist Cathy McMurray. The colours and imagery are so beautiful – they make me want to visit Oregon more than I already do (and that is A LOT!)

Worthwhile Paper

Happy Monday everyone. Today I am sharing a new (to me) pretty paper business called Worthwhile Paper. I love the earth-friendly ethos that designer Kristen Drozdowski has adopted. “I use water based screen printing inks in a green environment and print on recycled white & kraft paper. All of my envelopes are made from recycled paper. All rubber stamps are made out of 100% renewable-resource red rubber. Yay!”

Definitely Yay-worthy!

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Father’s Day Round-up 2014

Hey y’all! How is your Tuesday treating you? Mine has been fab!

I wanted to remind Aussies and Kiwi’s that Father’s Day is the first Sunday in September. This year that special day is Sunday 7th September.

Need some inspiration? Here’s the first of our Father’s Day roundups!

1. Moglea.
2. My Dear Fellow Co.
3. Cheeky Kumquat.
4. Sugar Bird Prints.
5. Emma Moore.
6. Misiu Paperware.

Need an editorial calendar/blog post planner?

You may or may not know that I do a LOT of blogging. I blog here at Pretty Paper Things, I blog at my writing site and I also blog for a heap of awesome clients. Now, there are all kinds of fancy schmancy editorial calendars that plug into WordPress (I’m using CoSchedule at the moment and it is awesome) but I also need to have a paper calendar for brainstorming and scheduling. So I made my own!

You can download a copy of the A2 version here. September’s calendar will be up on Etsy in the last week of August.

Here’s mine being put to very good use!

Magazine day! The Collective Issue #13

The Collective is different from other glossies. Not only is it beautifully designed (it makes great use of handwritten elements that are so very in at the moment) but it’s also thought-provoking and inspiring. It oozes calm and provides pages of affirmations that generate positivity.

This magazine doesn’t berate you from the newsstand. It doesn’t preach about ways to ‘fix’ yourself. Instead it invites you in for a cuppa and a chat and while you’re taking it easy it gives you a little lesson about people who are working to make this world better. Now that is my kind of read.

Pick of the articles:
The City of Lights – Paris in Four Months (Carin Olsson’s story – inspiring!)
Picking Her Brain – Maria Popova (I am a BIG fan of her website Brain Pickings)
Acing All Courts – a brilliant look at the career and brand of Maria Sharapova (this month’s gorgeous cover girl)

Connect with The Collective
Twitter: @CollectiveHub
Instagram: @CollectiveHub

Smiggle goes RED!

Smiggle fans said they wanted RED and guess what? They got it!

My favourite color joins the rest of the colorful Smiggle crew from today onwards. Not only is RED the colour of good luck in Chinese, or the colour that makes cars go faster, it is now the colour of your favourite Smiggle pens and pencils, lunchboxes, pencil cases, backpacks, gadgets and gizmos!

RED goodies (like the ones below) will be showing up in-store as of today so keep your eyes peeled!

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