For the love of pets

I am a bona fide animal lover. I love them all; cats, dogs, lizards, birds. It doesn’t matter what they are, I love them. I’ve been lucky enough to have shared my life with some wonderful pets – a neighbour’s cat that we adopted and named Pickle O’Brien, a Rottweiler that my brother named after his then favourite band – Jovi, my beautiful dog Benny who passed away three years ago (he was 10) and our cat Jasper who also passed at the ripe old age of 14. We have two cats now, Lai and Ruby, and even though it hurts like hell when you lose them, I know that the time I spend loving them will far outweigh any sadness I may feel later.

We love our pets with all of our heart. Want a way to commemorate your darling pet? Why not commission a pet portrait!

1. Under the Num Num Tree
2. Pet Zoiup.
3. Danica Novgorodoff.
4. Katie Grove.
5. Peggy Ferguson.
6. Lili Di Prima

Bringing the bokeh

Today I’m looking at bokeh.

In Japanese bokeh means blur or haze which is kinda self evident when you look at the examples below.
Personally I really like the effect because there is a softness to it. It strips away parts of a photograph leaving the focal points behind. It also reminds me of when I was a kid and I squinted at lights on buildings at night to turn them into fairy lights (something I learned from Mum).

What do you think of bokeh?

1. Bree Madden.
2. Carolyn Cochrane.
3. Chelsea Victoria.
4. Ti Amo Foto.
5. Pop Pop Photography.
6. Lawson Images.

The Vintage Book Of the Month Club

Another entry in the ‘wish I thought of that’ folder (and gee the folder is getting bigger) is this simple, but awesome idea called the Vintage Book Of the Month Club.

I can’t contain my excitement about it!

Every month you’re sent a gorgeous hardcover book that was written and/or copyrighted prior to 1970. You can choose different options – Non-Fiction for Him/Her, Fiction for Him/Her, Children’s Books or a mixture of all options.

Sound too good to be true? Get your subscriptions from Ms. Jeannie Ology.

Tahiti Pehrson

Tahiti Pehrson is an artist from Northern California who creates incredibly intricate large scale paper cut installations. His work blows my mind. Check out more on his website.

A winter wedding suite

I must admit I’m a little head over heels about this gorgeous DIY suite from Chitra P. Midnight Blue would make a perfect winter wedding invitation don’t you think?

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